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        上海程達汽車零部件有限公司位于嘉定區徐行工業區,是一家專業從事汽車塑膠零部件設計與制造的股份制企業。公司立足注塑行業,憑借技術設備、 人力資源、 質量體系的保證,通過持續改進,向顧客提供完美產品和服務;同時積極參與國際市場競爭,努力在汽車塑膠零部件領域達到國際先進水平。 

        Shanghai Chengda Automotive Parts Co., Ltd is located in the Xuhang Industrial Zone  of Jiading District and it is a joint-stock enterprise that is engaged in design and manufacture of automotive plastic parts. The company bases itself on the injection molding industry, relies on the guaranteed technical equipment, the human resources and quality system, and provides our customers with perfect products and services by continuous improvement; at the meanwhile, we’ll play an active role in international market and strives to come up to the international advanced level in the field of automotive plastic parts.